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Gallery Updates

Taking offers on entire gallery!

*Email us using the link at the top.
*Be sure to list series, item #, and offer price.
*Sold items, and those not for sale will eventually be removed from the site.

Bunch of new and rare goodies!

*And you thought...girl online
*Blood Lad
*Dance in the Vampire Bund
*The Devil is a Part-Timer
*Highschool DxD
*Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
*My Youth...I Expected
*Mysterious Girlfriend X
*Re: Zero
*Vividred Operation
*Is This a Zombie?

Insane update! 200+ items uploaded and many new series!

*Bladedance of Elementalers
*Bodacious Space Pirates
*Date A Live
*Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl
*Fortune Arterial
*Highschool DxD
*Himouto Umaru-chan
*If Her Flag Breaks
*Invaders of the 6 Tatami Mat Room
*IS - Infinite Stratos
*Leviathan - The Last Defense
*A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd
*Shining Tears X Wind
*Omamori Himari
*Re: Zero
*Sakura Trick
*School Days
*School Live
*Seven Deadly Sins
*Strawberry Marshmallow
*When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace
*Tenchi Muyo
*Yuru Yuri
*Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
*Actually, I AM

"The Familiar of Zero" updated!

"Zettai Karen Children" and "The Hill Dyed Rose Madder" updated!

"The Familar of Zero"/"Zero no Tsukaima" updated! Not much, but really nice ones!

"Celestial Method", "Special A", "Shugo Chara!", and "A Good Librarian..." updated!

"Show by Rock", "Strike Witches", and "Symphogear" updated!

Lots of pending updates on the way. For now we have "Tenchi Muyo", "eX-Driver", and "Negima".

Big update! "Date A Live", "Familiar of Zero", "If Her Flag Breaks", "Please Twins", and "Fortune Arterial".

"Lucky Star" and "Invaders of the Six-Tatami Mat Room" added!

11 New "Tenchi Muyo" Ryoko cels! 10 bought back from my old collection! Yea!

2 new sections, "Squid Girl" and "When Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace"!

10 new items added to "Date A Live"!

6 new items in "If Her Flag Breaks" and new series "Kiss X Sis" updated!

Finally caught up! All stock is now up to date!

A ton of series updated. Everything has been changed over to the new format. More new series to come soon!

Lots more updated. Karin, My Hime, Project A-ko, Gall Force: R, Tokyo Underground, and more.

Kodomo no Jikan and Chaika The Coffin Princess updated.

Last update for today. Several more series updated to new version and stock updated as well.

Bodacious Space Pirates updated to new version.

Logo and link clean-up. Lotte's Toy! section updated to new version.

Welcome to my anime cel and sketch gallery!

A breif history:

Anime Chaos was originally started in about 1994, however; it was under a different name back then. All we did was sell comic books, Star Wars toys, Magic cards, and the like at local comic shows and small conventions in the NW Indiana region.

Around late 1996 we slowly got out of comic books but retained a large growing interest in anime, and my personal interest in animation cel collecting. In about early 1997 we officially changed our name to "Anime Chaos" and started a small Geocites freebie website selling anime cels. It grew, and did so pretty fast.

1999 we finally registered "" on the web and made a whole new website that specialized in the retail of anime cels. Our fist official AC website looked like a urine was bad. Hard on the eyes, not to easy to navigate, but it still did very well. We went through a few site redesigns. There was the techy look, and our final cel retail version of the site that used both shown in the old school banners at the bottom of this page.

We sold anime cels primarily until 2002. In december of that year we decided to try out a deputy service. One that could bid on japanese auctions sites and import them for customers. You can import just about anything on Yahoo! Japan Auctions; DVDs, toys, games, clothes, dolls, cards, etc. The "Anime Chaos Deputy Service" as it was known then grew faster than we ever thought. So much so, that we had to break away the deputy service from Anime Chaos into its own brand; Shopping Mall Japan. was founded in July of 2004 and took the full attention of the AC team. Also, with most new anime being produced with CG and no longer cels, it was getting harder and harder to come up with good new stock for AC's retail cel sales. So about the same time, nearly coinciding with the launch of SMJ, the original AC retail site closed up shop.

At the end of Anime Chaos's retail sales days we're proud to say that many of our customers regarded us as the biggest and best cel shop online. And once again I'd like to thank all our old customers for making us the most popular online cel shop for its time. Even so, many of our old AC customers are still with us bidding and shopping with SMJ.....which is now the biggest and best Japanese shopping service out there...regardless of what others may claim.

After AC was completely dormant from 2004 to 2006, I decided to give some kind of rebirth to it. A retail site we simply don't have the time for, but the one thing we do make time for is watching some anime. Thus we changed AC to an Anime Review site, but sadly it turns out I didn't have time for that either.

Nearly 5 years later I decided to make it my personal anime art gallery. Will do my best to keep it updated regularly as during this entire time, I still continued to collect cels and sketches.

Old school Anime Chaos ad banners.